erfideo offers a wide range of professional services in the AutoID field with the help of our experienced software and RFID experts. This includes process and technology consulting, project implementation, hardware and software development, procurement and initialization of specific RFID tags and hardware, training of your staff as well as professional support when something does not go according to the plan.

erfideo develops AutoID software solutions for the sectors: manufacturing industry, healthcare, logistics and retail. One focus is the management of returnable containers (containers, boxes, pallets, load carriers). The company provides software solutions that increase throughput and create transparency in production, logistics and retail.

The AutoID middleware platform from erfideo and the standard solutions building on this platform offer the possibility of customizable data exchange with existing IT systems (ERP, WMS, MES) and embed themselves thus optimally into existing IT landscapes. Of course, our technology can also be operated cloud-based.

Our proven software modules support processes in production and distribution. Flexible, hardware-independent and scalable software modules enable rapid and effective implementation of RFID projects.

In our software solutions we rely on standards and we are GS1 Solution Provider.