Business Intelligence solution of track and trace data


We have developed a globally Business Intelligence solution according to customer specifications. The benefit for the customer is the quick and easy analysis of his track and trace data through dynamic and configurable charts. The customer can customize this charts for his needs. Thereby the customer can easily find answers to specific questions

Data from the entire supply chain are included in the solution. This data come from production, logistics, retail and the end customer . The producer as the user of this system, gets the ability to analyze the supply chain up to the customer.

The software is hosted in an austrian data centre (software as a service).


  • Dynamic charts tor the evaluation of supply chain data

  • Web reporting and administration (AngularJs)

  • Extensive filters and analysis options

  • Data processing with ETL tools

  • Backend system (Java EE 7, Postgres, MariaDB)

Date: 2016/2017

Customer: Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH

Category: Single Source Solution