Flow measurement Industry 4.0

Flow measurement with NFC

Flow measurement

The flow sensor is based on the TDC-GP30 by acam. This sensor measures the water flow with the help of acams patented Time-to-Digital Conversion (TDC) technology. The TDC-GP30 is a system-on-chip solution with extremely low power consumption, which accepts all measurement tasks to the calibrated output value. The integrated digital signal processing with 32-Bit ┬ÁP allows the flow measurement and the determination of other parameters such as flow rate, volume, volume flow, temperature, liquid concentration, aviation and bubble detection, solid state, leakage and empty detection and statements on hydraulic dynamics and flow statistics.

Using our smartphone application (Android) all measured values and process parameters of the flow sensor can be send to the backend system in the cloud. Our Web application and reporting engine allows intelligent analysis of this data. One possible application is that customers in future can read out their water or gas meter by itself, with the help of their smartphone they transmit the meter readings to the supplier. This new solution allows for example to control a preventive or situational maintenance based on remote monitoring.

Our Services

  • Web reporting and administration (AngularJS)

  • Backend system (Web API, OAuth, Entity Framework, Azure SQL Database)

  • Mobile application with NFC fuctionality (Android)

Date: 2016

Partner: IS-LINE GmbH

Category: Industry 4.0