eHealth application

Complete solution for the analysis of medical data

eHealth Project

The eHealth application on smartphone offers the doctor the possibility to record medical data from an electronic device and send them to a service in the cloud to check on health problems of the patient. The results of the scan are displayed directly on the smartphone.

More patient data can be collected and stored together with the medical recordings. The result is stored in a secured cloud and available to the doctor for further evaluation.

For legal reasons we can not provide any further details.

Our Services

  • Requirements Engineering

  • Bluetooth Hardware

  • Software development, software consulting

  • Backend system/Hosting (C#, Microsoft Azure)

  • Database (MS SQL 2014, Azure SQL Database)

  • Mobile application (Android)

  • Web application (AngularJS)

  • Calculation system (Windows Service, C++)

Date: June 2015

Category: Single source solution