Production Suite

Control and monitoring of production processes with RFID

Production Suite

The european industry is currently undergoing a paradigm shift. In the context of industrial 4.0 the next industrial revolution occurs. The aim is to change the industry in western countries towards smart factories to realize highly efficient and effective production of highly customized products. RFID is seen here from the leading specialists as one of the core technologies.

erfideo has identified essential tasks in the production which can be changed to RFID and bring a rapid return on investment. erfideo develops lean and inexpensive RFID standard applications, which can be used immediately. The aim is to bring the advantages of RFID technology in production to small and middle sized companies - greater transparency and thus greater efficiency and flexibility- can be realized.

The Production SUITE provides all the necessary modules for controlling and monitoring the production in a company. The Production SUITE is connected to the individual workstations and takes note of these RFID-based tracking and Kanban signals. The RFID-based events and their intelligent processing provide the basis for monitoring and control of the logistical chain.

Modules Production SUITE

  • Order prioritization Heijunka principle

  • Order tracking

  • Employee information system

  • Kanban

  • Handling part errors

  • Variant based integration of assistance systems

  • Reporting and analysis

  • Automatic ordering of C-parts from the supplier

  • Automatic determination of stocks

  • Masterdata exchange with the ERP system

  • Manufactoring data collection

Date: Ongoing

Partner: TU Graz (IBL)

Category: Industry 4.0