RFID shopping experience in retail

Display of product information with RFID

RFID shopping experience in retail

For niceshops GmbH, an RFID system to display the product data (ingredients, origin, application recommendations or customer ratings) was implemented for the Ecco Verde Shop in Graz.

There are several touch monitors available in the Ecco Verde Shop to display product data. If the customer takes a product off the shelf and puts it in front of the display, the data for the product is displayed. If a second product is added, the screen is split and the products can be compared. Each product has a attached RFID transponder.

The control software (middleware) for the RFID readers runs with Mono under Linux and sends the data of a detected product via an interface to the shop system of niceshops.

The payment process at the cash desk is supported by the use of RFID technology. Not every single barcode has to be scanned.


  • RFID consulting and evaluation (readers, antennas, transponder, printers)

  • Project-specific adaptation of our RFID middleware (erfideo Connect Library) for Linux (Mono)

  • Implementation of a web service interface to the web shop and POS system of niceshops

  • Provision of the RFID printer with advice on the GS1 compliant coding of the RFID transponder

Date: 2017

Customer: niceshops GmbH

Category: AutoID Software