Screen switching

RFID triggered screen switching

Screen switching

With our partner Neumann & Müller, we have implemented an RFID-triggered screen switching solution for an international customer.

The screen of a tablet is duplicated on a large TV-set just by entering a defined sales area. The TV-set can be situated in either a sales area (Dialog Lounge) or on a table in the sales area (Bar Table). There are 30 tablets equipped with special RFID transponders and appropriate RFID hardware were installed in 11 promotional areas. The RFID software runs on a server and provides the detected events for screen switching. The RFID middleware provides the events via REST services.

For this project erfideo delivered the RFID hardware (UHF readers and transponders) and RFID middleware software.

Our Services

  • RFID consulting and evaluation

  • Hardware sale and consulting

  • Installation and commissioning RFID Hardware

  • Software integration and customizing erfideo RFID middleware

  • AutoID software interface, specification and implementation

Date: 2015/2016

Partner: Neumann&Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Category: AutoID software