Vehicle access control

RFID controlled vehicle access control

Vehicle access control - Car Park

For Schütz & Ries S.A. we developed an RFID access control system for two parking garages in Luxembourg. The special focus of this project was the management and access control for long-term parkers.

At the barriers of the car parks, an RFID system is installed with antennas for entry and exit. Each authorized vehicle was equipped with an RFID transponder card. For the long-term parkers, there are private areas in the car parks with their own entrance/exit gates.

The access for cars is also granted if the database is not available. The information about granted trips is transactionally transmitted to the backend of the access control solution and logged in the database for evaluation.

The web-based management software of erfideo allows editing and configuration of access rights, vehicles, RFID reading points and user rights. There are real-time reports about the traffic volume. All data in the reports can be sorted, filtered and exported. The dashboard provides metrics with interactive links to the reports.

Our Services

  • RFID consulting and evaluation (readers, antennas, transponder)

  • Project-specific adaptation of the erfideo access control software:

    • Development of the USB RFID service for the transfer of transponder IDs to the input screen of the web application

    • Control software for the RFID readers (registration at the entrances and exits)

    • Web application, database schema and communication services based on the erfideo integration platform

  • Project-specific adaptations of the web application

Date: 2018

Partner: Schütz & Ries S.A. – Parkraumbewirtschaftung Indigo

Category: Vehicle Access Control