Vehicle access control

RFID controlled vehicle access control

Construction Site Vehicle access control

For RK safetec GmbH, an RFID access control system for trucks was developed. This system is used for the construction site Seestadt Aspern in Vienna.

At the barriers of the construction site, an RFID system with entrance and exit antennas was installed. Each authorized vehicle was equipped with an RFID windshield transponder.

The access control control software runs directly on the RFID reader and can therefore be operated offline without additional PC hardware. The access for vehicles is also granted if the database is unreachable. The information about granted drives is transferred to the backend and logged in the database for reporting.

The web-based management software allows to edit and configure permissions, vehicles, sites, vendors, RFID readpoints and users rights. Real-time reports in for all drives are available. All data can be sorted, filtered and exported. The dashboard provides metrics with interactive links to the reports. If a maximum number of trips for one day is reached, an email will be sent to the responsible person.

Requested single drivces can be created and managed with a release system. The delivery of the access code is done by email. Single drives are possible after entering the code on a keypad at the barrier.

Our Services

  • RFID consulting and evaluation (readers, antennas, transponder)

  • Project-specific adaptation of the erfideo access control software (runs on the Linux of the RFID readers)

  • Development of the USB RFID reader service to transfer of transponder IDs to the input screen in the web application

  • Development of the web application, the database schema and the communication services based on the erfideo integration platform

  • Further functions provided in the web application:

    • Interactive dashboards with KPIs
    • Workflow and report for the application and approval of single trips
    • Track and Trace Report for all drives and drive evaluations according to a time-adjustable scheme
    • Administration of permissions, vehicles, construction sites, suppliers, RFID readpoints and user rights
  • Implementation of an interface (Modbus) to the memory programmable controller (PLC) for providing the keypad codes

Date: 2017

Partner: RK safetec GmbH

Category: Vehicle Access Control