Vehicle access control

RFID controlled vehicle access control

Vehicle access control

For the professional fire brigade Graz an RFID controlled vehicle access control system was implemented.

At the gate to the parking lot and courtyard of the fire station, an RFID system with antennas was mounted on the left and right of the barrier. Each legitimate vehicle (a total of 500) is equipped with an special RFID windshield transponder.

The access control software runs directly on the RFID reader and can therefore be operated without any additional hardware.

The PC-based management software enables editing and configuring access permissions. The connection to the reader is only necessary when changing permissions.

A cloud-based version is a future development.

Our Services

  • RFID consulting and evaluation (readers, antennas, transponder)

  • Hardware sale and consulting

  • Installation and commissioning RFID Hardware

  • Embedded software on the RFID reader (Linux application)

  • Management software to control access permissions

Date: 2016

Partner: Berufsfeuerwehr Graz

Category: Vehicle Access Control