Track and Trace Solution for grey market monitoring


We have developed a globally used Track & Trace solution according to customer specifications. The benefit for the customer is the traceability of its globally available products. Thereby they can have early sight of problems arising from plagiarism or through grey market trades.

All packaging types (pallets, master cartons, shippers and single product) are labeled with a unique code (Data Matrix, QR Code). This packaging structure is stored by our software. In addition, information on the distribution of the products is linked to the system. With this information the manufacturer can monitor the supply chain from production to the distributor and also the end customer.

The end user of the product has the opportunity to check authenticity of his product with a smartphone application.

The simultaneous use of 30 handhelds on 4 locations creates millions events annually.

The software is hosted in an austrian data centre (software as a service).

Software Solutions Modules

  • Handheld application (Windows CE)

  • Handheld infrastructure management (manage software updates from a central location)

  • Web reporting and administration (AngularJS)

  • Extensive filtering and analysis options

  • PDF / Excel / CSV exports

  • Backend system (Java EE 7, MariaDB)

  • Printing solution (Zebra printer)

Date: 2015/2016

Customer: Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH

Category: AutoID software