RFID controlled vehicle access control

Gates, Barries

RFID vehicle access control - Access Manager

The erfideo Access Manager is an RFID controlled vehicle access control. The solution can be used for parking areas with gates / barriers or several gates or barriers. Typical applications are:

  • Company parking
  • Underground parking or parking lots of residential complexes, fire brigades, public offices or apartment blocks
  • Access to the private garage or parking
  • Access control on construction sites including logging
  • Management von pool cars
  • Inventory management of vehicles


  • Easy access without interaction by the driver (not operating a transmitter or stalling a proximity card to a reader - when it rains you stay dry)
  • Good identification of authorized vehicles also in bad weather conditions (snow or dirt on the plate do not matter)
  • Motorcycles or bicycles can be equipped with an RFID transponder - or the driver has an RFID card
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Cost-effective passive RFID transponder - no battery assisted tags needed
  • Comfortable unlocking of authorization cards or windshield transponders
  • During operation, no network connection is needed - standalone solution on the RFID reader
  • Cloud-based solution is available as an option
  • Central logging with web based reporting
  • Inventorymanagement of vehicles with web based reporting

Variants of the erfideo access control


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Videos und Bilder RFID Zufahrtskontrolle

Operating Principle

Each authorized vehicle is equipped with an RFID transponder with a unique number. The transponder is glued behind the windshield. On each gate or barrier an UHF RFID reader is mounted. Each RFID reader contains the list of authorized numbers. Depending on the antenna power, a vehicle may be detected up to a distance of 12 meters. To open a gate or barrier, an electrical contact is closed.

The erfideo Access Manager is a PC application to change permissions and the authorized vehicles/persons.

Normally one RFID reader with an antenna is used. For wider access gates addional antennas can be used. The control of the barrier is done via an electrical contact.

In special cases, a 3rd or 4th antenna can be used. For special vehicles special RFID transponders can be mounted.

Standalone Solution - Access Manager

The erfideo Access Manager application is installed on a PC connected to the reader via ethernet. On the Reader the access manager service is installed. If a barrier/gate is controlled, a digital output of the reader is connected to the ground loop contact or to the open switch of the barrier/gate. The access rights may be changed from a central location for all gates with a single update operation.


  • Configurable transponder IDs for access authorizations
  • Enable/disable individual access permissions
  • Import mechanism for a list of authorized persons (CSV format)
  • Learn Mode
  • Read back authorizations from the rfid reader
  • Configurable active time windows for each day of the week
  • Configurable digital output for controlling a gate or barriers
  • Centralized management of multiple RFID readers and access permissions for rfid readers
  • Digital input for multiple gates

Web-based Solution - Access Manager

The Web based solution provides the following additional features:

  • Dashboard with KPI's and charts
  • Reports
  • Administration

The interactive dashboard provides real-time metrics and charts for the last 21 days. Further charts can be implemented on request. Reports are provided in which each single driveway can be logged and evaluated. The columns in the report can be filtered and sorted. The filtered representation can be exported as an Excel file (PDF, CSV, MS Excel). There is also an administration function to configure the access permissions, the checkpoints, the users and the readpoints.
We are happy to adapt our solution to your requirements (business logic, KPIs). Individual interfaces to third-party systems or e-mail notifications are possible.


Interested in our product or any further questions? Please contact us.